World Research Conference

World Research Conference is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and management of research conferences throughout the world. It is only single platform to update and promotes conferences, workshops, seminars, symposium and events. World Research Conference is India based organization but its international team is distributed in different countries of the World.

Our team is expertise in promotion of conferences and have good knowledge about the subjects because of all are managers, scientists, researchers and academicians. We are specialized in all types of Research Conferences in the field of higher education. We will Co-organize important conferences with other universities and organizations all over the world.


World research conference is to provide latest advancement of knowledge in theory and practice of all area of research among scholars / researchers / academician/ scientists from all around the world those are interested in recent issues in collaboration with international research community.


The main aim of the World Research Conference is the conferring of innovative multidisciplinary to focus on local and international serious issues. A wide range of topics is presented while addressing the new opportunities for the policy interface promoting the discussion between the scientific and policy-making communities.

The forum is one of the best universal platform for scientists, researchers, engineers, students, managers and other professionals to discuss their innovative ideas and new research.